Safe...Secure and Loved

These are things that we want you and your child to feel when you walk through the door at A Step Above Preparatory Academy.

Through our Educational Pathways we infuse Purposeful Play with life skills that help your foster a Lifelong Love for Learning.

Your child's day is filled with many meaningful interactions and learned skills and you can be there too through our picture and video system. You will never have to miss the many milestones that your child may have. With our advanced technology, you can choose to save these moments and share with others.

We are Empowering Children to Reach their Full Potential and believe in creating an environment to produce Active Minds, Happy Hearts, and Healthy Bodies.

A Step Above: Nurturing in every way

Our Programs

Our precious little ones
Baby soft classroom schedule is designed to meet the individual needs of every infant. Each family will fill out a Feeding Plan to detail the dietary needs of the child.

  • Video/ pictures to capture your child’s day
  • Daily activity report to communicate your child’s day:
    naptimes, meal times, diaper changes, and curriculum activities

As our toddlers emerge we want to spark curiosity and creativity.

  • Phonetic and STEAM inspired learning
  • Video and Pictures of your child’s day
  • Toddler Activities and Curriculum Lessons
  • Spanish introduction
  • Sensory Play
  • Story Time
  • Construction and Building Activities
  • Giggle and Wiggle Time - Music and Dance
  • Creative Arts
  • Small group activities
  • Daily Individual Activity Reports
  • Indoor and outdoor physical activities

This is a time of invigorating energy and excitement. We strive to continuously create a stimulating environment that encourages your preschooler to play and learn.

  • STEAM based innovative curriculum
  • Phonics Immersion and vocabulary building
  • Social-Emotional Skill Building Activities
  • Science and Engineering
  • Social Studies
  • Character Development
  • Think Tank Skills – Decision making and problem solving activities
  • Creative Arts –drawing and painting
  • Purposeful Play Physical Development Activities
  • Spanish Language Building
  • Music and Dancing
  • Daily Individual Reports with Videos and Pictures of your child’s day

A mix of Phonics and STEAM based activities to make learning fun and exciting throughout your childs’ day. They are little explorers discovering the world around them.

  • Reading Group Skills
  • Creating Team Work Activities
  • Spanish
  • Social Studies
  • Character Development
  • Think Tank